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Attorney Robert I Powell

Attorney Powell is LOCAL and offers you the same wicked-cool cloud solutions as an out-of-state divorce mill PLUS an economic and legal rights checkup PLUS a professional, highly ethical approach to your case in your LOCAL court PLUS a local lawyer on your team - ALL for a similar cost to a clueless unqualified online divorce phoney's fee to prepare just a few divorce documents.

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Smart Los Angeles Divorce For Your Difficult Time

Why risk your legal and economic future by hiring an unqualified out-of-state online divorce phoney?

I look after you and your family with professional, affordable, jargon-free legal support and advice. I offer a straightforward, honest, and, above all, human approach, to the best possible solution for you.

I offer a transparent approach to costs and a range of flexible fee arrangements, whether "unbundled" or traditional representation. With me, you will only pay for services you need and you will always know what to expect.

I will share my experience and knowledge and give you realistic answers and solutions to your problems.

If you pay $300 to an out-of-state divorce mill and then pay for their mistakes forever, that's NOT a cheap divorce!

Robert I. Powell, Esq.
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